Sami's shoes- Footwear For Everyone

Sami is your one-stop-shop for the exotic and comfortable shoes for all. We deliver a range of choices to appease the love of shoes. The days are long gone where you've got to go from store to shop to find the right style and size. With an extensive range of dashing shoes in all sizes and types, all in a few snaps, we make it easy for you to shop.

We are a Uninile Trade Group subsidy with an extensive corporate presence in Sudan, South Sudan and its surrounding. We've been in distribution for years, moving into footwear and launching physical and online stores.

Sami share the Uninile mission of being the leading provider of imported high - quality products in the region. True to ourselves, we are a varied combination of worldwide footwear brands that includes long stretches of craftsmanship, a passion to fit and a company canny, to continue to rouse people to feel better ... feet first.

We have a passion for fulfilling your shopping needs, by making sure you have a smooth, web-based experience. Our impressive accumulation of stylish footwear is accessible at great price points. So be a Sami shoe-holic!