We aim to protect your order information. Your security is a priority for us at Samis Shoes. We therefore, make every effort available to us to ensure that your online order has the protection it deserves. We use SSL technology (Secure Sockets Layer) to protect your information. We also host our website under a secured environment. Communication and linkages between your browser and Samis Shoes server is secure and encrypted to ensure that your information stays confidential as you interact with our website. As a result, your purchase is protected and remains private. 

About SSL

SSL is an industry standard provider of web security. It is mainly used to send sensitive information over your browser or the internet. When you access our website with a secure connection, no one else can access the information and data you share. We use SSL to encrypt our customer information in order to provide you with high security web experience.

There are times when your browser doesn’t give you security notifications when you’re leaving or entering a secure connection. These alerts are vital because they will let you know that Samis Shoes is taking the necessary precautions to keep the information you give us secure. When you get such notifications, you should know that it is normal and proceed with your interaction.